We are an enterprise professionally for R&D, design, manufacture and sales for medical products and personal care products.


Excellent Medical Products Co., Ltd.

was established in 2003. By now, we have three manufacture sites and total area is 45,000 square meters, the medical grade clean room area is 30,000 square meters. We are selling our products to more than 50 coutries and areas in Europe, USA, South America, Japan, Middle East countries and Africa.
According to different scope of application, we have two main divisions:

  • Medical Product Division
  • Personal Care Product Division

Laparoscopy Set

Category: Surgical Sets

Name: Laparoscopy Set

Foreign Name: 2010011

Description: 1.mayo stand cover 80x140cm 1pc
2.cellulose towel 22x26cm 4pc
3.op-tape 9x49cm 1pc
4.tube holder velcro 2.5x30cm 1pc
5.tube/camera cover perforated tip 12x240cm 1pc
6.laparoscopy drape 175/250x325cm,aperture 25x30cm 1pc
7.table cover 150x190cm 1pc




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